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jewelry, New World 25 Cuff Bracelet



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New World 25" cuff bracelet i braceletss crafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di braceletsmensi braceletsonali braceletsty and contrastEach pi braceletsece i braceletss gi braceletsven a di braceletssti braceletsncti braceletsve name, and thi braceletss one i braceletss part of my seri braceletses enti braceletstled "New World", whi braceletsch are my i braceletsnterpretati braceletsons of worlds yet to come.Di braceletsmensi braceletsons: 1.5" by 2" oval polymer clay di braceletssc on 3/4 " wi braceletsde metal cuff band (2.5" i braceletsnsi braceletsde wi braceletsdth)

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