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polymer clay, Unique Haiku Pendant



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Uni word beadsque “Hai word beadsku” Pendant Thi word beadss polymer clay covered glass vi word beadsal pendant contai word beadsns an assortment of alphabet beads i word beadsnsi word beadsde, wi word beadsth whi word beadsch to make “Hai word beadsku”, a form of Japanese poetry. Hai word beadsku poets are challenged to convey a vi word beadsvi word beadsd message i word beadsn only 17 syllables (but who’s counti word beadsng!?) The pendant i word beadss approxi word beadsmately 17” long i word beadsncludi word beadsng the cord, or supply your own chai word beadsn. Bored wai word beadsti word beadsng at the ai word beadsrport or suppi word beadsng a Latte at Starbucks? Have extra ti word beadsme at lunch? Create Hai word beadsku!

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