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brooches, Diablo Nebula Combination Pin/Pendant



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Uni broochesque, one-of-a-ki broochesnd wearable polymer clay art. "Di broochesablo Nebula" i broochess fi broochestted wi broochesth a locki broochesng bar pi broochesn, but also comes wi broochesth a plasti broochesc sleeve, so that the pi broochesn can be converted to a pendant, doubli broochesng your pleasure! (thi broochesrd photo shows typi broochescal i broochesnstallati broocheson of locki broochesng bar pi broochesn wi broochesth plasti broochesc sleeve on back of pi broochesn) Crafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di broochesmensi broochesonali broochesty and contrastEach pi broochesece i broochess gi broochesven a di broochessti broochesncti broochesve name, and thi broochess one i broochess part of my seri broocheses enti broochestled "Deep Sky Objects", whi broochesch reflect my i broochesnterpretati broocheson of astronomi broochescal objects beyond our solar system. Di broochesameter - 2" round polymer clay di broochessk

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