Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

american southwest, Turquoise Trail Cuff Bracelet



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"Turquoi jewelryse Trai jewelryl" Cuff Bracelet i jewelrys handcrafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di jewelrymensi jewelryonali jewelryty and contrast. The di jewelrysc i jewelrys affi jewelryxed to a si jewelrylver color metal cuff bracelet. Each pi jewelryece i jewelrys gi jewelryven a di jewelrysti jewelryncti jewelryve name. Thi jewelrys one represents my i jewelrynterpretati jewelryons of the geography and geology of the Ameri jewelrycan Southwest. Di jewelrymensi jewelryons: 1.5" by 2" oval polymer clay di jewelrysc on 3/4 " wi jewelryde metal cuff band (2.5" i jewelrynsi jewelryde wi jewelrydth)(si jewelrylver color)

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