Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

galaxies, New World 35 Pin



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"New World 35" i jewelrys fi jewelrytted wi jewelryth a ti jewelrye tack pi jewelryn. (photo shows typi jewelrycal ti jewelrye tack pi jewelryn i jewelrynstallati jewelryon on back of pi jewelryn)Crafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di jewelrymensi jewelryonali jewelryty and contrastEach pi jewelryece i jewelrys gi jewelryven a di jewelrysti jewelryncti jewelryve name, and thi jewelrys one i jewelrys part of my "New World" seri jewelryes, representi jewelryng my i jewelrynterpretati jewelryons of worlds beyond our own.Di jewelrymensi jewelryons: 1.5" by 2" oval polymer clay di jewelrysk

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