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Brass arrows* treated wi woodland weddingth a golden rose colored fi woodland weddingni woodland weddingsh to gi woodland weddingve them that oh so popular rose gold hue! They hang from rose gold over brass french earwi woodland weddingres. Arrows measure 1 1/4". Overall length: 1 3/4". The backs of the arrow are flat. You can see them i woodland weddingn the 5th photo. Si woodland weddingmple, mi woodland weddingni woodland weddingmali woodland weddingst and li woodland weddingghtwei woodland weddingght. *These arrows are made and fi woodland weddingni woodland weddingshed i woodland weddingn the US and contai woodland weddingns no lead, ni woodland weddingckel or cadmi woodland weddingum. The company stri woodland weddingves for uni woodland weddingformi woodland weddingty and consi woodland weddingstency, but also value the vari woodland weddingati woodland weddingon that comes from the one-man process that creates thei woodland weddingr fi woodland weddingni woodland weddingsh. Wi woodland weddingth wear, the fi woodland weddingni woodland weddingsh wi woodland weddingll age, but i woodland weddingn a pleasi woodland weddingng anti woodland weddingqued way. Each pi woodland weddingece i woodland weddings fi woodland weddingni woodland weddingshed wi woodland weddingth a non toxi woodland weddingc lacquer for durabi woodland weddingli woodland weddingty. More arrow jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i woodland weddingn my Etsy shop, cli woodland weddingck thi woodland weddings li woodland weddingnk:WearYourWi woodland weddingld.IG: @wearyourwi woodland weddingldMany of my earri woodland weddingngs can be converted to Cli woodland weddingp Ons, free of charge. I have si woodland weddinglver plated, oxi woodland weddingdi woodland weddingzed si woodland weddinglver plated, gold plated, anti woodland weddingqued brass and bronze wi woodland weddingth a coppery fi woodland weddingni woodland weddingsh. Contact me on Etsy BEFORE maki woodland weddingng your purchase to see i woodland weddingf the earri woodland weddingngs i woodland weddingn questi woodland weddingon can be converted to cli woodland weddingps.All jewelry comes nestled i woodland weddingn recycled, rusti woodland weddingc kraft gi woodland weddingft boxes ti woodland weddinged wi woodland weddingth bakers twi woodland weddingne, jute stri woodland weddingng or wrapped i woodland weddingn washi woodland wedding tape.FREE gi woodland weddingft wrappi woodland weddingng i woodland weddings avai woodland weddinglable upon request. You can see the avai woodland weddinglable paper i woodland weddingn the last photo. If you'd li woodland weddingke your i woodland weddingtem gi woodland weddingft wrapped please fi woodland weddingll out the Personali woodland weddingzati woodland weddingon secti woodland weddingon at checkout.Thanks for supporti woodland weddingng handmade!Kati woodland weddinge @ Wear Your Wi woodland weddingld

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