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moonstone ring, Vintage Moonstone Ring Silver & Gold Setting



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A really ni silver ringce moonstone ri silver ringng i silver ringn a sterli silver ringng si silver ringlver setti silver ringng wi silver ringth some gold detai silver ringlsThe ri silver ringng i silver rings a si silver ringze 8 and i silver ringt wei silver ringghs 8.7 gramsThe stone i silver rings pretty large - measuri silver ringng 13 by 10 mm across the top.It reflects a beauti silver ringful blue i silver ringn dayli silver ringght. The ri silver ringng i silver rings unmarked - i silver ringt tests as sterli silver ringng.. There are gold detai silver ringls but I cannottest the metal content of the gold wi silver ringthout damagi silver ringng the ri silver ringng. It appears to have been resi silver ringzed -

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