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pendants, Stitched Galaxy Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Sti galaxiestched Galaxy Combi galaxiesnati galaxieson Pi galaxiesn/Pendant" i galaxiess crafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di galaxiesmensi galaxiesonali galaxiesty and contrast. Fi galaxiestted wi galaxiesth a locki galaxiesng bar pi galaxiesn and a bai galaxiesl, for doubli galaxiesng your pleasure!Each pi galaxiesece i galaxiess gi galaxiesven a di galaxiessti galaxiesncti galaxiesve name, and thi galaxiess one i galaxiess part of my seri galaxieses enti galaxiestled "Deep Sky Objects", whi galaxiesch reflect my i galaxiesnterpretati galaxieson of astronomi galaxiescal objects beyond our solar system. Di galaxiesmensi galaxiesons: 1.5" by 1.5" square polymer clay di galaxiessk wi galaxiesth locki galaxiesng bar pi galaxiesn and bai galaxiesl for rope or chai galaxiesn

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