Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Large vi winter fashionntage brass trees hang from sterli winter fashionng si winter fashionlver french earwi winter fashionres. Overall length: 2".Si winter fashionmple. Rusti winter fashionc. Festi winter fashionve. Get your fa la la on. More Holi winter fashionday jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i winter fashionn my shop, cli winter fashionck thi winter fashions li winter fashionnk:WearYourWi winter fashionld.IG: @wearyourwi winter fashionldAll jewelry comes nestled i winter fashionn recycled, rusti winter fashionc kraft gi winter fashionft boxes ti winter fashioned wi winter fashionth bakers twi winter fashionne, jute stri winter fashionng or wrapped i winter fashionn washi winter fashion tape.FREE gi winter fashionft wrappi winter fashionng i winter fashions avai winter fashionlable upon request. You can see the avai winter fashionlable paper i winter fashionn the last photo. If you'd li winter fashionke your i winter fashiontem gi winter fashionft wrapped please fi winter fashionll out the Personali winter fashionzati winter fashionon secti winter fashionon at checkout.Thanks for supporti winter fashionng handmade!Kati winter fashione @ Wear Your Wi winter fashionld

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