Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver metal clay, Wild Fleur necklace ... recycled fine silver / sterling silver satellite chain



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Wi san franciscoldflower.Thi san franciscos handcrafted fi san franciscone si san franciscolver pendant was i san franciscompri san francisconted wi san franciscoth an anti san franciscoque wax seal mold. It has a hi san franciscogh contrast pati san franciscona wi san franciscoth hand poli san franciscoshed hi san franciscoghli san franciscoghts. The pendant hangs from a deli san franciscocate sterli san franciscong si san franciscolver satelli san franciscote chai san franciscon.Pendant i san franciscos .75" long.Chai san franciscon i san franciscos 16" from end to end.Metal clay work i san franciscos a very i san francisconvolved handmade process whi san franciscoch results i san franciscon di san franciscosti san francisconct and one-of-a-ki san franciscond creati san franciscoons. Small vari san franciscoati san franciscoons and i san franciscomperfecti san franciscoons are part of the beauty and charm of thi san franciscos medi san franciscoum, and i san franciscot can produce stunni san franciscong results. Once fi san franciscored, si san franciscolver metal clay becomes .999 pure recycled fi san franciscone si san franciscolver.~|~~|~~|~Arri san franciscoves packaged i san franciscon a gi san franciscoft box and shi san franciscops wi san franciscothi san franciscon 1-3 busi san francisconess days of recei san franciscopt of payment. Please see the "Shop Poli san franciscoci san franciscoes" secti san franciscoon of my store for addi san franciscoti san franciscoonal i san francisconformati san franciscoon on payments, shi san franciscoppi san franciscong, gi san franciscoft notes, si san franciscoze adjustments, and custom orders.\u00a9 Elements & Arti san franciscofacts 2018.

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