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wearable art, Split Personality Pendant - New Item - Two Sided!



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"Spli landscapest Personali landscapesty Pendant" i landscapess a one-of-a-ki landscapesnd pi landscapesece of wearable art, handcrafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di landscapesmensi landscapesonali landscapesty and contrast. Each pi landscapesece i landscapess gi landscapesven a di landscapessti landscapesncti landscapesve name and thi landscapess i landscapess one of my seri landscapeses representi landscapesng my i landscapesnterpretati landscapesons of the geology and landscapes of the Ameri landscapescan Southwest. The necklace features a 2" round polymer clay di landscapessk, wi landscapesth oranges and black i landscapesn the landscape. Bonus! Turn i landscapest over and there i landscapess a second back-to-back di landscapessk, featuri landscapesng blues and brown i landscapesn a di landscapesfferent landscape. Total length i landscapess 26", hei landscapesght i landscapess 13" and wi landscapesdth i landscapess 2". The pi landscapesece i landscapess strung on a double length of gold si landscapeslk cord, wi landscapesth a gold-colored magneti landscapesc clasp.Enjoy bei landscapesng "funky" wi landscapesth thi landscapess pi landscapesece of wearable art and double your pleasure!

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