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Rusti vintage heartsc vi vintage heartsntage si vintage heartslver plated brass heart charm locket earri vintage heartsngs wi vintage heartsth sterli vintage heartsng si vintage heartslver french earwi vintage heartsres. Choose between shi vintage heartsny sterli vintage heartsng si vintage heartslver or oxi vintage heartsdi vintage heartszed sterli vintage heartsng si vintage heartslver. (last photo). The hearts measure 15 mm. Overall length: 1 1/8".Perfect mi vintage heartsni vintage heartsmali vintage heartsst earri vintage heartsngs for a bri vintage heartsde or bri vintage heartsdesmai vintage heartsds.More heart jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i vintage heartsn my Etsy shop, cli vintage heartsck thi vintage heartss li vintage heartsnk:WearYourWi vintage heartsld.IG: @wearyourwi vintage heartsldMany of my earri vintage heartsngs can be converted to Cli vintage heartsp Ons, free of charge. I have si vintage heartslver plated, oxi vintage heartsdi vintage heartszed si vintage heartslver plated, gold plated, anti vintage heartsqued brass and bronze wi vintage heartsth a coppery fi vintage heartsni vintage heartssh. Contact me on Etsy BEFORE maki vintage heartsng your purchase to see i vintage heartsf the earri vintage heartsngs i vintage heartsn questi vintage heartson can be converted to cli vintage heartsps.All jewelry comes nestled i vintage heartsn recycled, rusti vintage heartsc kraft gi vintage heartsft boxes ti vintage heartsed wi vintage heartsth bakers twi vintage heartsne, jute stri vintage heartsng or wrapped i vintage heartsn washi vintage hearts tape.FREE gi vintage heartsft wrappi vintage heartsng i vintage heartss avai vintage heartslable upon request. You can see the avai vintage heartslable paper i vintage heartsn the last photo. If you'd li vintage heartske your i vintage heartstem gi vintage heartsft wrapped please fi vintage heartsll out the Personali vintage heartszati vintage heartson secti vintage heartson at checkout.Thanks for supporti vintage heartsng handmade!Kati vintage heartse @ Wear Your Wi vintage heartsld

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