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black hills, Black Hills Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Black Hi black hillslls" i black hillss fi black hillstted wi black hillsth a locki black hillsng bar pi black hillsn, but also comes wi black hillsth a plasti black hillsc sleeve, so that the pi black hillsn can be converted to a pendant, doubli black hillsng your pleasure! Crafted from a palette of dozens of colors of polymer clay, blended and layered for di black hillsmensi black hillsonali black hillsty and contrast.Each pi black hillsece i black hillss gi black hillsven a di black hillssti black hillsncti black hillsve name, and thi black hillss one i black hillss part of my seri black hillses whi black hillsch reflects my i black hillsnterpretati black hillson of the geology and landscape of the Ameri black hillscan Southwest.Di black hillsmensi black hillson: 2" di black hillsameter round polymer clay di black hillssk

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