Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crackle glass, Kim V Glass Lampwork and Crackle Glass Necklace and Earrings



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Ki crackle glassm V Glass Lampwork and Crackle Glass necklace and earri crackle glassngs made wi crackle glassth si crackle glasslver tone fi crackle glassndi crackle glassngsNecklace length approx. 36cm di crackle glasssi crackle glassncludi crackle glassng toggleEarri crackle glassngs as shownPri crackle glassce for postage i crackle glasss i crackle glassndi crackle glasscati crackle glassve and only actual shi crackle glassppi crackle glassng and packagi crackle glassng costs wi crackle glassll be charged. Any overage wi crackle glassll be refunded. Postage wi crackle glassthi crackle glassn Australi crackle glassa wi crackle glassll be vi crackle glassa regi crackle glassstered post.The pi crackle glassctures form part of thi crackle glasss li crackle glasssti crackle glassng.Customs and duti crackle glasses i crackle glassn the desti crackle glassnati crackle glasson country do not form part of the pri crackle glassce. They are the responsi crackle glassbi crackle glassli crackle glassty of the buyer.

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