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agate stone, JADE Agate stone ARROWHEAD Necklace Pendant Jewelry Primitive INDIAN style



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Purple colored JADE AGATE Stone ARROWHEAD Pendant. I thi indian jewelrynk thi indian jewelrys i indian jewelrys a uni indian jewelryque INDIAN style Desi indian jewelrygn...very stri indian jewelryki indian jewelryng pendant!The stone i indian jewelrys called JADE or AGATE ... the stone i indian jewelrys a ri indian jewelrych purple color .... beauti indian jewelryful and uni indian jewelryque ... the stone i indian jewelrys poli indian jewelryshed on both si indian jewelrydes .. handsome pi indian jewelryece! I thi indian jewelrynk the Jade has been heat treated to make i indian jewelryt the beauti indian jewelryful purple color.The pendant i indian jewelrys strung on a 30+" black colored faux suede cord wi indian jewelryth metal beads and two patterned CHEVRON beads. Beadwork i indian jewelrys by: Betsy Stoi indian jewelrynoff (me). The Arrowhead measures about 1-5/8" x 5/8". A penny i indian jewelrys shown for si indian jewelryze compari indian jewelryson. THIS UNIQUE ARROWHEAD Pendant makes A STRIKING pi indian jewelryece of jewelry. I thi indian jewelrynk you wi indian jewelryll be happy wi indian jewelryth thi indian jewelrys pendant.

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