Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beach pebbles, Double Drilled Tan Beach Stone Cairn Necklace with Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - Rock Cairn Necklace - Cairn Jewelry - FREE Gift Wrap



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Four smooth, stacked and double dri cairn pendantlled beach stones i cairn pendantn shades of tan are strung onto a vi cairn pendantntage stai cairn pendantnless steel chai cairn pendantn that i cairn pendants 20" long to form thi cairn pendants si cairn pendantmple Cai cairn pendantrn necklace. The chai cairn pendantn closes wi cairn pendantth a lobster clasp. The pendants average 1/2" - 3/4" i cairn pendantn hei cairn pendantght. You can see samples i cairn pendantn the photos. Your necklace wi cairn pendantll be chosen at random from my avai cairn pendantlable stock, but all are equally beauti cairn pendantful. If you'd li cairn pendantke to see what I have i cairn pendantn stock, message me BEFORE placi cairn pendantng an order and I'll be happy to send you a photo.***ori cairn pendantgi cairn pendantnal WearYourWi cairn pendantld desi cairn pendantgn***More Cai cairn pendantrn jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i cairn pendantn my Etsy shop, cli cairn pendantck thi cairn pendants li cairn pendantnk:WearYourWi cairn pendantld.IG: @wearyourwi cairn pendantldAll jewelry comes nestled i cairn pendantn recycled, rusti cairn pendantc kraft gi cairn pendantft boxes ti cairn pendanted wi cairn pendantth bakers twi cairn pendantne, jute stri cairn pendantng or wrapped i cairn pendantn washi cairn pendant tape.FREE gi cairn pendantft wrappi cairn pendantng i cairn pendants avai cairn pendantlable upon request. You can see the avai cairn pendantlable paper i cairn pendantn the last photo. If you'd li cairn pendantke your i cairn pendanttem gi cairn pendantft wrapped please fi cairn pendantll out the Personali cairn pendantzati cairn pendanton secti cairn pendanton at checkout.Thanks for supporti cairn pendantng handmade!Kati cairn pendante @ Wear Your Wi cairn pendantld

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