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healing ring, Tourmalinated Quartz Ring Healing Stone Ring Size 7.5 Size 7 1/2 Crown Setting Simple Ring Healing Crystal



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Gorgeous Tourmali boho ringnated Quartz ri boho ringng, set i boho ringn sterli boho ringng si boho ringlver. Si boho ringze 7.5. Ready to shi boho ringp. Tourmali boho ringnated Quartz has the combi boho ringned properti boho ringes and uni boho ringque energy vi boho ringbrati boho ringons of both Clear Quartz and Black Tourmali boho ringne. Clear Quartz ampli boho ringfi boho ringes vi boho ringbratory energi boho ringes and i boho ringntenti boho ringons. Black Tourmali boho ringne's cleansi boho ringng and groundi boho ringng i boho ringnfluence keeps the Quartz Crystal clear of any negati boho ringvi boho ringty.

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