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gift under 30, Gold Metallic Vintage Lucite Fish Earrings with Swivel Snaps - Choose Brass or Gunmetal Swivel Snaps - FREE Gift Wrap



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Vi nature inspiredntage gold colored Luci nature inspiredte fi nature inspiredsh hang from metal barrel swi nature inspiredvel i nature inspirednterlock snaps wi nature inspiredth brass leverback earwi nature inspiredres. Choose between brass swi nature inspiredvel snaps or gunmetal gray swi nature inspiredvel snaps. Fi nature inspiredsh measure 1". Overall length: 2 3/4".Beauti nature inspiredfully detai nature inspiredled and super li nature inspiredghtwei nature inspiredght!More swi nature inspiredvel snap jewelry can be found here: nature inspiredzYa7cTo see more of my handmade jewelry i nature inspiredn my Etsy shop, cli nature inspiredck thi nature inspireds li nature inspirednk:WearYourWi nature inspiredld.IG: @wearyourwi nature inspiredldMany of my earri nature inspiredngs can be converted to Cli nature inspiredp Ons, free of charge. I have si nature inspiredlver plated, oxi nature inspireddi nature inspiredzed si nature inspiredlver plated, gold plated, anti nature inspiredqued brass and bronze wi nature inspiredth a coppery fi nature inspiredni nature inspiredsh. Contact me on Etsy BEFORE maki nature inspiredng your purchase to see i nature inspiredf the earri nature inspiredngs i nature inspiredn questi nature inspiredon can be converted to cli nature inspiredps.All jewelry comes nestled i nature inspiredn recycled, rusti nature inspiredc kraft gi nature inspiredft boxes ti nature inspireded wi nature inspiredth bakers twi nature inspiredne, jute stri nature inspiredng or wrapped i nature inspiredn washi nature inspired tape.FREE gi nature inspiredft wrappi nature inspiredng i nature inspireds avai nature inspiredlable upon request. You can see the avai nature inspiredlable paper i nature inspiredn the last photo. If you'd li nature inspiredke your i nature inspiredtem gi nature inspiredft wrapped please fi nature inspiredll out the Personali nature inspiredzati nature inspiredon secti nature inspiredon at checkout.Thanks for supporti nature inspiredng handmade!Kati nature inspirede @ Wear Your Wi nature inspiredld

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