Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Our Hazelle earri hoopsngs feature Swarovski hoops pearls and 14K rose gold-fi hoopslled chai hoopsn for an effortless, cool style. Handcrafted i hoopsn Chi hoopscago, IL USA. Measures 1.75" i hoopsn length. Keep jewelry away from water and chemi hoopscals; remove duri hoopsng physi hoopscal acti hoopsvi hoopsti hoopses, store flat i hoopsn a soft pouch or jewelry box. Use mi hoopscro-fi hoopsber jewelry cloth to shi hoopsne up your jewelry.Thi hoopss i hoopss an Ianneci hoops ori hoopsgi hoopsnal desi hoopsgn and i hoopss copyri hoopsght protected. ©2019 Ianneci hoops Jewelry.

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