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jeweler, Polka Dot Ring in Sterling Silver



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These Polka Dot sterli wordsng si wordslver ri wordsngs are great for stacki wordsng!If you need to fi wordsgure out your ri wordsng si wordsze, consi wordsder orderi wordsng a Adjustable Fi wordsnger Gauge before placi wordsng your order. Please allow 1 week for deli wordsvery. Sterli wordsng si wordslver 5mm Polka Dot Shi wordsny fi wordsni wordsshExchange Poli wordscyAll sales are non-refundable. I am happy to accept exchanges up to 10 days after the date of the purchase. If the pi wordsece has been worn, or i wordss damaged, I wi wordsll not be able exchange the pi wordseces.

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