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A vi girlfriend giftntage brass hollow heart wi girlfriend giftth varyi girlfriend giftng degrees of pati girlfriend giftna floats on a vi girlfriend giftntage stai girlfriend giftnless steel chai girlfriend giftn to make thi girlfriend gifts si girlfriend giftmple and easy to wear necklace. The heart measures 26 mm long and i girlfriend gifts NOS (new old stock) vi girlfriend giftntage wi girlfriend giftth varyi girlfriend giftng amounts of pati girlfriend giftna on the surface. The necklace i girlfriend gifts 24" long. If you would li girlfriend giftke i girlfriend giftt shortened leave the length that you'd li girlfriend giftke when you check out and I'll be happy to shorten i girlfriend giftt for you. Please excuse all of the reflecti girlfriend giftons that thi girlfriend gifts heart was determi girlfriend giftned to pi girlfriend giftck up whi girlfriend giftle bei girlfriend giftng photographed.More heart jewelry can be found here: see more of my handmade jewelry i girlfriend giftn my Etsy shop, cli girlfriend giftck thi girlfriend gifts li girlfriend giftnk:WearYourWi girlfriend giftld.IG: @wearyourwi girlfriend giftldAll jewelry comes nestled i girlfriend giftn recycled, rusti girlfriend giftc kraft gi girlfriend giftft boxes ti girlfriend gifted wi girlfriend giftth bakers twi girlfriend giftne, jute stri girlfriend giftng or wrapped i girlfriend giftn washi girlfriend gift tape.FREE gi girlfriend giftft wrappi girlfriend giftng i girlfriend gifts avai girlfriend giftlable upon request. You can see the avai girlfriend giftlable paper i girlfriend giftn the last photo. If you'd li girlfriend giftke your i girlfriend gifttem gi girlfriend giftft wrapped please fi girlfriend giftll out the Personali girlfriend giftzati girlfriend gifton secti girlfriend gifton at checkout.Thanks for supporti girlfriend giftng handmade!Kati girlfriend gifte @ Wear Your Wi girlfriend giftld

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