Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950s vintage rhinestone stretch braceletgift for her mom, blue glass heart & starburstgift for her mom, watch expansion style



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Beauti prong setful vi prong setntage 50s stretch/expansi prong seton bracelet i prong setn a dai prong setnty watch band style. Icy aqua blue glass starburst surrounds a sli prong setghtly darker aqua blue glass heart, prong set. Excellent condi prong setti prong seton. Fai prong setntest gold color loss on the i prong setnsi prong setde only - hard to see and does not show when worn. Seems li prong setke an unsi prong setgned desi prong setgner pi prong setece but I couldn't fi prong setnd anythi prong setng si prong setmi prong setlar. Shown on a 6" wri prong setst, fi prong sett was comfortable. Measures a teeny pi prong setnch over 6". Focal rhi prong setnestone area i prong sets just over 1.25" x 1".I combi prong setne shi prong setppi prong setng on multi prong setple i prong

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