Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

schitts creek rings, Heart stamped/ Large Brass Band/ adjustable/ Ring



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***Due to Covi badass ringsd-19 Stay In Place i badass ringsn our ci badass ringsty, all orders wi badass ringsll be shi badass ringspped out after Apri badass ringsl 8th. Thank you and stay healthy! xoHand cut, fi badass ringsled, hammered brass ri badass ringsng. Clear coated for lasti badass ringsng wear. Heart stamped i badass ringsn centerComes i badass ringsn two si badass ringszes. Shorter wi badass ringsdth band- .8\u201dLarge wi badass ringsdth band- 1\u201dRi badass ringsng si badass ringsze adjustable- starti badass ringsng at si badass ringsze 5

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