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Hag Stone Necklace with Two Stonesfairy stone, Retaining Ring and Vintage Stainless Steel Chain - Hagstone Necklace - FREE Gift Wrap



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Two beach stones wi hagstone necklaceth natural holes, commonly called 'hag stones', hang from a steel retai hagstone necklaceni hagstone necklaceng ri hagstone necklaceng and are connected to a vi hagstone necklacentage stai hagstone necklacenless steel chai hagstone necklacen. The necklace closes wi hagstone necklaceth a spri hagstone necklaceng ri hagstone necklaceng clasp and measures approxi hagstone necklacemately 24". Choose the one that you'd li hagstone necklaceke at checkout.***ori hagstone necklacegi hagstone necklacenal Wear Your Wi hagstone necklaceld desi hagstone necklacegn***More hag stone jewelry can be seen here: can fi hagstone necklacend more of my retai hagstone necklaceni hagstone necklaceng ri hagstone necklaceng jewelry here: see more of my handmade jewelry i hagstone necklacen my Etsy shop, cli hagstone necklaceck thi hagstone necklaces li hagstone necklacenk:WearYourWi hagstone necklaceld.IG: @wearyourwi hagstone necklaceldAll jewelry comes nestled i hagstone necklacen recycled, rusti hagstone necklacec kraft gi hagstone necklaceft boxes ti hagstone necklaceed wi hagstone necklaceth bakers twi hagstone necklacene, jute stri hagstone necklaceng or wrapped i hagstone necklacen washi hagstone necklace tape.FREE gi hagstone necklaceft wrappi hagstone necklaceng i hagstone necklaces avai hagstone necklacelable upon request. You can see the avai hagstone necklacelable paper i hagstone necklacen the last photo. If you'd li hagstone necklaceke your i hagstone necklacetem gi hagstone necklaceft wrapped please fi hagstone necklacell out the Personali hagstone necklacezati hagstone necklaceon secti hagstone necklaceon at checkout.Thanks for supporti hagstone necklaceng handmade!Kati hagstone necklacee @ Wear Your Wi hagstone necklaceld

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