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Bottom anklet i beaded ankletn photo.Our Franca anklet features mi beaded ankletni beaded anklet round 14K gold-fi beaded ankletlled beads for an effortless, cool style. Handcrafted i beaded ankletn Chi beaded ankletcago, IL USA. Anklet opti beaded ankletons come i beaded ankletn 10", 12" and 14". Lobster clasp closure. Keep jewelry away from water and chemi beaded ankletcals; remove duri beaded ankletng physi beaded ankletcal acti beaded ankletvi beaded ankletti beaded ankletes, store flat i beaded ankletn a soft pouch or jewelry box. Use mi beaded ankletcro-fi beaded ankletber jewelry cloth to shi beaded ankletne up your jewelry.Thi beaded anklets i beaded anklets an Ianneci beaded anklet ori beaded ankletgi beaded ankletnal desi beaded ankletgn and i beaded anklets copyri beaded ankletght protected. ©2019 Ianneci beaded anklet Jewelry.**Contact us i beaded ankletf you'd li beaded ankletke a custom si beaded ankletze, we're happy to accommodate smaller or larger si beaded ankletzes. Just emai beaded ankletl us i beaded ankletanneci beaded anklet [!at] i beaded ankletanneci beaded

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