Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1960s dogwood flower necklace . orange & white enamel pendantdogwood flower, short double chain



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1960s vi dogwood flowerntage dogwood flower necklace i dogwood flowern orange and whi dogwood flowerte enamel and gold tone. The necklace features a large pendant on a double chai dogwood flowern. The necklace i dogwood flowers i dogwood flowern excellent condi dogwood flowerti dogwood floweron, unmarked. Pendant measures 2.5" tall and wi dogwood flowerde on a 17.5" chai dogwood flowern.Shi dogwood flowerps i dogwood flowern a gi dogwood flowerft box.I combi dogwood flowerne shi dogwood flowerppi dogwood flowerng on multi dogwood flowerple i dogwood

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