Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Happy Trees -Wood Origami earrings



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***Due to Covi unique handmaded-19 Stay In Place i unique handmaden our ci unique handmadety, all orders wi unique handmadell be shi unique handmadepped out after Apri unique handmadel 8th. Thank you and stay healthy! xoby ni unique handmadeceLena\r\r---pri unique handmadent on front, soli unique handmaded color back----\rJapanese Ori unique handmadegami unique handmade & decorati unique handmadeve paper cutouts by hand, fused onto hand pai unique handmadented wood di unique handmadesks and sealed wi unique handmadeth three layers of glaze. \r\rThi unique handmades look was ori unique handmadegi unique handmadenally desi unique handmadegned i unique handmaden 2003 on pati unique handmadena metal di unique handmadesks and has turned i unique handmadento ni unique handmadeceLena's most popular li unique handmadene. It has also i unique handmadenspi unique handmadered many others to look at paper i unique handmaden a di unique handmadefferent way. I am constantly on the look out for new pri unique handmadents so, check back often.\r\rsi unique handmadelver plated ear wi unique handmadere\r\rwood si unique handmadeze: 1.25"---\rlong 3"\rshort: 1.5" (wi unique handmadethout stem)\r\r\rmore pri unique handmadents avai unique handmadelable: http://www./shop/ni unique handmadeceLena?secti unique handmadeon_i unique handmaded=7807765

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