Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage whistle necklace - CHOOSE ONElong chain necklace, all work! - 1950s Dragnet Jack Webblong chain necklace, 70s 80s Sportcraftlong chain necklace, or Acme Thunderer



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I have made these necklaces from old (worki rape whistleng) whi rape whistlestles. Each hangs from a new 23" curb chai rape whistlen. All whi rape whistlestles have a cork ball i rape whistlensi rape whistlede. Please read carefully for condi rape whistleti rape whistleon, si rape whistleze, etc and look at all photos.CHOOSE ONE:1. Large whi rape whistlestle by Sportcraft, made i rape whistlen Tai rape whistlewan ci rape whistlerca 70s/80s. The enti rape whistlere whi rape whistlestle pendant (i rape whistlencludi rape whistleng hang hole) measures 2.25" long. The whi rape whistlestle shows wear on one si rape whistlede and the bottom.2. Mi rape whistled 1950s black plasti rape whistlec Dragnet whi rape whistlestle. Excellent condi rape whistleti rape whistleon, no flaws. Measures 2" total i rape whistlencludi rape whistleng hang hole.3. Acme Thunderer whi rape whistlestle. Made i rape whistlen England. I beli rape whistleeve i rape whistlet's from the 60s. Shows plati rape whistleng loss on most si rape whistledes, but so dang cool. Measures 1.75" total i rape whistlencludi rape whistleng hang hole.Thi rape whistles chai rape whistlen i rape whistles ni rape whistlece! I hand cut i rape whistlet from a roll and thi rape whistles one i rape whistles my current fave. Perfect uni rape whistlesex- not too bulky, not too dai rape whistlenty.Shi rape whistleps i rape whistlen a gi rape whistleft

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