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Vi thermo plasticntage Sarah Coventry bracelet and earri thermo plasticngs set, all pi thermo plasticeces si thermo plasticgned (SARAHCOV) on the back. The set i thermo plastics made of thermoset plasti thermo plasticc cabs on bri thermo plasticght si thermo plasticlver tone metal. The earri thermo plasticngs are green whi thermo plasticle the bracelet i thermo plastics multi thermo plasticcolored wi thermo plasticth green, brown, blue and burgundy-i thermo plasticsh red. All pi thermo plasticeces are i thermo plasticn excellent condi thermo plasticti thermo plasticon, no flaws to note. The earri thermo plasticngs are 1.5" tall. The bracelet i thermo plastics 1.5" wi thermo plasticde and just over 7.25" long.Shi thermo plasticps i thermo plasticn a gi thermo plasticft box.I combi thermo plasticne shi thermo plasticppi thermo plasticng on multi thermo plasticple i thermo plastictems.Vi thermo plasticntage jewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?secti thermo plasticon_i thermo

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