Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage necklaces, 5.25 FT long vintage cobra chain necklace with faux pearls and hematite beads . 63" long



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Almost as long as I am tall, thi 1980s 1970ss vi 1980s 1970sntage necklace measures 5.25 FEET long (63 i 1980s 1970snches). Excellent condi 1980s 1970sti 1980s 1970son, no flaws. Ci 1980s 1970srca 70s/80s. The necklace i 1980s 1970ss a shi 1980s 1970sny gold tone cobra chai 1980s 1970sn wi 1980s 1970sth fake pearl beads and hemati 1980s 1970ste chunk beads. Modern flapper!Shi 1980s 1970sps i 1980s 1970sn a gi 1980s 1970sft box.I combi 1980s 1970sne shi 1980s 1970sppi 1980s 1970sng on multi 1980s 1970sple i 1980s

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