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50's SIGNED Miriam HASKELL Pearlsfrank hess, Glass & BRASS Cha-Cha Bracelet



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Thi art deco bracelets genui art deco braceletne Mi art deco braceletri art deco braceletam Haskell bracelet i art deco bracelets made of brass wi art deco braceletth baroque pearls, amethyst glass and si art deco braceletlvertone beads. A great example of the fun elegance of Mi art deco braceletri art deco braceletam Haskell. The bracelet appears to be brass and has some tarni art deco braceletshi art deco braceletng on the i art deco braceletnsi art deco braceletde. There i art deco bracelets a si art deco braceletlver geometri art deco braceletc setti art deco braceletng around the bracelet to whi art deco braceletch the beads are attached. It\u2019s mi art deco braceletssi art deco braceletng three gray baroque pearls and one si art deco braceletlver bead. About three beads show wear. It\u2019s hardly noti art deco braceletceable when you wear i art deco bracelett. It measures 2 5/8\u201d\u201d across i art deco braceletn di art deco braceletameter.

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