Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage earringsdrop earrings, brushed gold tone waves or angel wings for pierced ears



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Vi drop earringsntage brushed gold earri drop earringsngs wi drop earringsth post backs. They are a di drop earringsmensi drop earringsonal brushed gold tone, shaped li drop earringske wi drop earringsngs. Excellent condi drop earringsti drop earringson but one has a ti drop earringsny dark spot on i drop earringst. See all photos. May come off wi drop earringsth a proper cleani drop earringsng but i drop earringst's also pretty subtle i drop earringsn person. They measure just over 1" long and up to 1" wi drop earringsde.Shi drop earringsps i drop earringsn a gi drop earringsft

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