Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century jewelry, chunky vintage cameo charm bracelet with green lucite pendants on gold links



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Vi cameo braceletntage charm bracelet featuri cameo braceletng large cameos. They are a pale, transparent green. The bracelet also has Vi cameo braceletctori cameo braceletan watch fob i cameo braceletnspi cameo braceletred charms wi cameo braceletth large marble-li cameo braceletke luci cameo bracelette globes and 4 moonglow tube beads. Excellent condi cameo braceletti cameo braceleton but has 2 empty ri cameo braceletngs that li cameo braceletkely once held charms. The clasp i cameo bracelets brass whi cameo braceletle the bracelet li cameo braceletnks are a shi cameo braceletny pale gold. Some yellowi cameo braceletng around the cameos from the glue they used. It's less noti cameo braceletceable i cameo braceletn person than i cameo braceletn my photos. The cameos are just under 1.5" each and the bracelet i cameo bracelets about 7.5" long. Shi cameo braceletps i cameo braceletn a gi cameo braceletft box.I combi cameo braceletne shi cameo braceletppi cameo braceletng on multi cameo braceletple i cameo

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