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mid century modern, Signed MCM Jorgen Jensen Vintage 1950's Pewter Boomerang Pin + Earrings



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Made i incogneeton the 1950's, thi incogneetos vi incogneetontage set has terri incogneetofi incogneetoc mi incogneetod century modern, atomi incogneetoc styli incogneetong. The pewter metal has black enamel and a stri incogneetong li incogneetoke desi incogneetogn on a boomerang shape. Si incogneetogned by the mi incogneetod century arti incogneetost Jorgen Jensen of Denmark, Jorgen i incogneetos the second son of famed MCM, Dani incogneetosh desi incogneetogner Georg Jensen. Ci incogneetorca 1950's. \rA wonderful, mi incogneetod-century pewter set i incogneetos a brooch and matchi incogneetong cli incogneetop on earri incogneetongs. All pi incogneetoeces i incogneeton thi incogneetos set are si incogneetogned on the back "Pewter, Jorgen Jensen, Handmade, Denmark, & 789."\r. \rPi incogneeton measures 2 5/8" x 1 1/4". The cli incogneetop earri incogneetongs are 1 3/8" x 5/8". Condi incogneetoti incogneetoon: VERY GOOD - i incogneetot shows li incogneetoght wear to metal but overall i incogneeton very ni incogneetoce shape. All backi incogneetongs work fi incogneetone.

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