Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Weiss clip on earringsdesigner jewelry, very sparkly AB glassdesigner jewelry, faceted cut signed costume jewelry



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These are so i designer jewelryncredi designer jewelrybly sparkly, they capture the li designer jewelryght at every angle. Photos couldn't adequately capture i designer jewelryt. Three layers of prong set AB glass on gold tone backi designer jewelryng. Very well made and si designer jewelrygned Wei designer jewelryss on the back. Excellent condi designer jewelryti designer jewelryon, no flaws. Each earri designer jewelryng measures 1" tall and 3/4" wi designer jewelryde.Shi designer jewelryps i designer jewelryn a gi designer jewelryft box.I combi designer jewelryne shi designer jewelryppi designer jewelryng on multi designer jewelryple i designer

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