Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Coro flower brooch pinvintage brooch, brushed silvervintage brooch, light blue & green rhinestones



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Vi green rhinestonesntage rhi green rhinestonesnestone flower brooch, si green rhinestonesgned Coro on the back. the brooch features brushed si green rhinestoneslver tone metal wi green rhinestonesth a flowy mod desi green rhinestonesgn. The li green rhinestonesght blue and green rhi green rhinestonesnestones are sli green rhinestonesghtly rai green rhinestonessed for a 3d effect. Excellent condi green rhinestonesti green rhinestoneson, no mi green rhinestonesssi green rhinestonesng stones. Measures almost 2.5" tall.Shi green rhinestonesps i green rhinestonesn a gi green rhinestonesft box.Vi green rhinestonesntage jewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?secti green rhinestoneson_i green rhinestonesd=14198588I combi green rhinestonesne shi green rhinestonesppi green rhinestonesng on multi green rhinestonesple i green rhinestonestems.

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