Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Male pendant Main horns in Red Corsican coral Mediterranean grade AAAred coral, door -happinessred coral, lovered coral, friendshipred coral, baptism



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Hand i mediterranean coraln red coral carved i mediterranean coralnto a branch of Corsi mediterranean coralcan coral grade AAAThi mediterranean corals model has the fi mediterranean coralngers that make the horns.It carri mediterranean corales -happi mediterranean coralness and wards off evi mediterranean corallIn Corsi mediterranean coralca we carry thi mediterranean corals hand all our li mediterranean coralvesEven i mediterranean coralf the hands look the same i mediterranean corals exactly the same because they are all carved from di mediterranean coralfferent coral branches2 models by si mediterranean coralze and pri mediterranean coralceMounted on soli mediterranean corald si mediterranean corallver 925

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