Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

imaginarium, Sugar Skull ... sterling and antiqued silver / exclusive elements and artifacts design



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An offeri imaginariumng for the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls represent a departed soul and are placed on the home ofrenda or a gravestone to honor the return of a spi imaginariumri imaginariumt. I am very exci imaginariumted to offer a new versi imaginariumon of thi imaginariums Elements & Arti imaginariumfacts ori imaginariumgi imaginariumnal! The master texture plate for thi imaginariums pendant was created from my own i imaginariumnk drawi imaginariumng and was used to i imaginariummpri imaginariumnt thi imaginariums .925 sterli imaginariumng si imaginariumlver skull pendant. It i imaginariums hand cut and poli imaginariumshed, gi imaginariumvi imaginariumng i imaginariumt a di imaginariumsti imaginariumnct character. The fi imaginariumnali imaginariumzed pendant was gi imaginariumven a soft anti imaginariumque pati imaginariumna wi imaginariumth hand poli imaginariumshed hi imaginariumghli imaginariumghts to draw out the detai imaginariumls. It i imaginariums strung onto an 18" anti imaginariumqued si imaginariumlver rolo chai imaginariumn wi imaginariumth an extender at the clasp. The pendant i imaginariums 1.2" hi imaginariumgh. Metal clay work i imaginariums an i imaginariumnvolved handmade process whi imaginariumch results i imaginariumn di imaginariumsti imaginariumnct and one-of-a-ki imaginariumnd creati imaginariumons. Small vari imaginariumati imaginariumons and i imaginariummperfecti imaginariumons are part of the beauty and charm of thi imaginariums medi imaginariumum, and i imaginariumt can produce some stunni imaginariumng results. Once fi imaginariumred, thi imaginariums metal clay becomes .925 sterli imaginariumng si imaginariumlver.~|~~|~~|~Arri imaginariumves packaged i imaginariumn a gi imaginariumft box and shi imaginariumps wi imaginariumthi imaginariumn 1-3 busi imaginariumness days of recei imaginariumpt of payment. Please see the "Shop Poli imaginariumci imaginariumes" secti imaginariumon of my store for addi imaginariumti imaginariumonal i imaginariumnformati imaginariumon on payments, shi imaginariumppi imaginariumng, gi imaginariumft notes, si imaginariumze adjustments, and custom orders.\u00a9 Elements & Arti imaginariumfacts 2020.

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