Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large Taxco modernist vintage earringstaxco earrings, articulated sterling silver and brass fish skeleton or tiered triangles



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Vi articulated earringsntage Taxco earri articulated earringsngs i articulated earringsn an arti articulated earringsculated tri articulated earringsangle desi articulated earringsgn. Made of sterli articulated earringsng si articulated earringslver wi articulated earringsth brass domes connecti articulated earringsng them. These do have backs! I just forgot to pi articulated earringst them back on between poli articulated earringsshi articulated earringsng them and shooti articulated earringsng them. Marked TR 70 Mexi articulated earringsco (Taxco) and 925. One of the posts i articulated earringss a li articulated earringsttle bent but i articulated earringst does not affect how the earri articulated earringsng hangs when worn. They measure 2.25" long and 1.25" wi articulated earringsde. Very cool! Shi articulated earringsps i articulated earringsn a gi articulated earringsft

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