Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage chain medallion necklaceunique gift idea, chunky thick silver tone metal links with enamel inlay scrolls



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Vi medallion necklacentage si medallion necklacelver tone metal medalli medallion necklaceon necklace. the necklace i medallion necklaces compri medallion necklacesed of chunky li medallion necklacenks. The center has a locket look wi medallion necklaceth a small blue enamel scroll desi medallion necklacegn. Excellent condi medallion necklaceti medallion necklaceon. Fai medallion necklacentest wear to the centermost panel, not too noti medallion necklaceceable but mi medallion necklaceght poli medallion necklacesh out. Necklace has some wei medallion necklaceght to i medallion necklacet. Cool and unusual desi medallion necklacegn. The pendant i medallion necklaces 2.5" x 2.75, chai medallion necklacen i medallion necklaces 18" long. Shi medallion necklaceps i medallion necklacen a gi medallion necklaceft box.I combi medallion necklacene shi medallion necklaceppi medallion necklaceng on multi medallion necklaceple i medallion

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