Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

molded plastic, vintage bead strand necklace . 3 strand molded plastic fall harvest . chunky hollow orb necklace . 1950s 1960s jewelry . orange green & gold



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Vi beaded necklacentage chunky bead strand necklace compri beaded necklacesed of 3 strands of molded plasti beaded necklacec beads. The beads are textured orbs- most are clear, but some are opaque. Si beaded necklacence they are hollow, the necklace i beaded necklaces pretty li beaded necklaceghtwei beaded necklaceght for i beaded necklacet's si beaded necklaceze. The largest beads are about 3/4" wi beaded necklacede. The necklace wi beaded necklacell fi beaded necklacet 16" to 18.5". Shi beaded necklaceps i beaded necklacen a gi beaded necklaceft box.I combi beaded necklacene shi beaded necklaceppi beaded necklaceng on multi beaded necklaceple i beaded necklacetems.Vi beaded necklacentage jewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?secti beaded necklaceon_i beaded

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