Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky silver statement bib necklace with Italian coin focal piecegift for her, articulated squares



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Chunky, arti statement necklaceculated si statement necklacelver tone statement necklace wi statement necklaceth a real Itali statement necklacean coi statement necklacen as the focal pi statement necklaceece. The necklace i statement necklaces compri statement necklacesed of arti statement necklaceculated (movable) ri statement necklaceveted squares on a chunky chai statement necklacen wi statement necklaceth an extender at the end. The largest square i statement necklaces 1.5" and they gradually get smaller, goi statement necklaceng down to about 3/4". The necklace i statement necklaces 19" long but can be worn shorter. Has a li statement necklacettle wei statement necklaceght to i statement necklacet.Shi statement necklaceps i statement necklacen a gi statement necklaceft box.I combi statement necklacene shi statement necklaceppi statement necklaceng on multi statement necklaceple i statement

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