Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1970s vintage butterfly brooch pin with wire antennae70s 80s jewelry, enamel on metal70s 80s jewelry, blue and gold70s 80s jewelry, made in Taiwan70s 80s jewelry, long tailed



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Vi 70s 80s jewelryntage 70s brooch of a butterfly. Compri 70s 80s jewelrysed of several di 70s 80s jewelryfferent parts ri 70s 80s jewelryveted together. Made i 70s 80s jewelryn Tai 70s 80s jewelrywan though the sti 70s 80s jewelrycker i 70s 80s jewelrys no longer present. Thi 70s 80s jewelryn gold tone metal sheet, press-formed wi 70s 80s jewelryth an enamel top for the wi 70s 80s jewelryngs. The wi 70s 80s jewelryngs are pretty i 70s 80s jewelryn person - they're so hi 70s 80s jewelrygh gloss I couldn't qui 70s 80s jewelryte capture the subtle detai 70s 80s jewelryl i 70s 80s jewelryn the color. Li 70s 80s jewelryghtwei 70s 80s jewelryght. Excellent condi 70s 80s jewelryti 70s 80s jewelryon, no flaws. Measures about 2" tall x 2.5" wi 70s 80s jewelryde. Shi 70s 80s jewelryps i 70s 80s jewelryn a gi 70s 80s jewelryft

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