Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1973 vintage Avon charm braceletvictorian pitcher, gold tone owlvictorian pitcher, bootvictorian pitcher, coffee millvictorian pitcher, phonevictorian pitcher, pitcher



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Vi boot charmntage Avon charm bracelet from 1973. Charms are an owl, a Vi boot charmctori boot charman boot wi boot charmth a blue glass cab at the top, a coffee mi boot charmll wi boot charmth movi boot charmng wheels, a telephone and a Vi boot charmctori boot charman water jug and bowl. All charms are marked Avon as well as the clasp. Li boot charmght wear to the gold tone that shows better i boot charmn my photos than i boot charmt does i boot charmn person. The boot i boot charms a sli boot charmghtly paler gold tone than the other charms. Ni boot charmce wei boot charmght to the charms- I beli boot charmeve they are 14kt gold electroplated. Each charm i boot charms approx 1", the bracelet measures 7.5" long.Shi boot charmps i boot charmn a gi boot charmft

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