Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1970s necklacemodernist necklace, Avon boho Mayan modernist brushed silver pendant on bar chain



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Vi modernist necklacentage Avon necklace from thei modernist necklacer Mayan Collecti modernist necklaceon, 1974. The arti modernist necklaceculated, brushed si modernist necklacelver tone pendant i modernist necklaces si modernist necklacegned on the back. Excellent condi modernist necklaceti modernist necklaceon, no flaws. Clean and bri modernist necklaceght. The chai modernist necklacen measures 23" long, the pendant i modernist necklaces 2.5" long. Shi modernist necklaceps i modernist necklacen a gi modernist necklaceft box.I combi modernist necklacene shi modernist necklaceppi modernist necklaceng on multi modernist necklaceple i modernist

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