Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lucite link bracelet, vintage confetti lucite panel bracelet with AB rhinestones



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1960s vi aurora borealisntage confetti aurora borealis luci aurora borealiste panel bracelet. The bracelet i aurora borealiss made of gold tone metal wi aurora borealisth li aurora borealisnks of whi aurora borealiste and gold flakes floati aurora borealisng i aurora borealisn clear luci aurora borealiste. Each luci aurora borealiste li aurora borealisnk has si aurora borealisx AB rhi aurora borealisnestones surroundi aurora borealisng i aurora borealist. Closes wi aurora borealisth a fold over clap. The bracelet i aurora borealiss just over 1" wi aurora borealisde and i aurora borealiss 7.5" long. No flaws, excellent condi aurora borealisti aurora borealison. Unsi aurora borealisgned.Shi aurora borealisps i aurora borealisn a gi aurora borealisft

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