Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

millefiori glass, 1960s vintage signed Accessocraft NYC brooch and earrings set . blue czech glass flower and clip ons



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Si etruscan broochgned vi etruscan broochntage Accessocraft NYC flower brooch made of blue glass wi etruscan broochth speckles of other color i etruscan broochn i etruscan broocht. The i etruscan broochnsi etruscan broochde of the flower i etruscan broochs a gold tone cross, crown, etc. Comes wi etruscan broochth matchi etruscan broochng cli etruscan broochp on earri etruscan broochngs. All pi etruscan broocheces are i etruscan broochn excellent condi etruscan broochti etruscan broochon, no flaws. The brooch i etruscan broochs 2" wi etruscan broochde, the earri etruscan broochngs are 3/4" tall.Shi etruscan broochps i etruscan broochn a gi etruscan broochft box.I combi etruscan broochne shi etruscan broochppi etruscan broochng on multi etruscan broochple i etruscan

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