Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century jewelry, vintage signed Lisner collar or choker necklace . AB aurora borealis glass strand



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Vi aurora borealisntage Li aurora borealissner ab (aurora boreali aurora borealiss) crystal, pearl and brushed gold tone beaded si aurora borealisngle strand choker necklace. An elegant necklace perfect for weddi aurora borealisngs or a speci aurora borealisal occasi aurora borealisons. The necklace i aurora borealiss i aurora borealisn great vi aurora borealisntage condi aurora borealisti aurora borealison, no flaws. Can be worn 14.5" to 17" long, si aurora borealisgned on the hook clasp.Shi aurora borealisps i aurora borealisn a gi aurora borealisft box.I combi aurora borealisne shi aurora borealisppi aurora borealisng on multi aurora borealisple i aurora borealistems.

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