Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

3 vintage wreath brooches - white holly leaves w/ faux pearlswreath brooch, gold tone with green & opal glasswreath brooch, eternity pins



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3 vi christmas broochesntage wreath pi christmas broochesns. One i christmas broochess small plai christmas broochesn gold tone, measuri christmas broochesng 1", next i christmas broochess a shi christmas broochesny gold tone wi christmas broochesth opal look cabs, green cabs and clear rhi christmas broochesnestones measuri christmas broochesng 1.5", last but not least a whi christmas broocheste holly wreath wi christmas broochesth gold undertones and faux pearls measuri christmas broochesng 1.5". All excellent condi christmas broochesti christmas broocheson.Shi christmas broochesps i christmas broochesn a gi christmas broochesft box.I combi christmas broochesne shi christmas broochesppi christmas broochesng on multi christmas broochesple i christmas

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