Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set of 4 vintage brooches - silver leaf pinvintage jewelry, 3 circle pinsvintage jewelry, Gerrys



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Set of 4 bri sweater broochght si sweater broochlver vi sweater broochntage brooch pi sweater broochns. The larger ci sweater broochrcle pi sweater broochn i sweater broochs stamped Gerrys. I thi sweater broochnk the leaf i sweater broochs too, but I can't qui sweater broochte make i sweater broocht out. All are i sweater broochn excellent condi sweater broochti sweater broochon wi sweater broochth no flaws. The smaller ci sweater broochrcles are 1.5", the leaf i sweater broochs 1.75", the bi sweater broochgger ci sweater broochrcle i sweater broochs 1.75". You wi sweater broochll recei sweater broochve them all.Shi sweater broochps i sweater broochn a gi sweater broochft box.I combi sweater broochne shi sweater broochppi sweater broochng on multi sweater broochple i sweater

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